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Important Information

We are making some immediate changes to our Counts For More rewards scheme in order to protect our customers and retailers. This is due to irregular activity that has come to our attention.

From Monday 28th September 2020 Walkers Snacks Limited will no longer reimburse wholesalers for Counts For More vouchers accepted by them. Instead, if you have vouchers to redeem, please call 01825 768346 (Mon-Fri – 8am – 4pm) before 16th October 2020 to process your redemption claim and receive payment in November. Retailers will not lose the value of any valid vouchers due to this change of process.

In order to claim your voucher rewards please ensure you have the following to hand before calling the helpline:

Without the above 2 items we cannot process your claim. Your vouchers will be cross-checked against our records and the expiry dates checked. After this, you will receive further instructions on how to finalise your claim.

The Counts For More Scheme remains closed as of 31st July 2020. Consequently, points redemption remains closed, you can only claim for the value of vouchers you already have in your possession.

The new way to receive rewards moving forward for stocking Walkers is by signing up to the *shopt, app, which is free to download.

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