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Counts For More Closure & *shopt FAQ’s for retailers (for publication online)

We are replacing our reward scheme Counts For More with a far more wide ranging rewards scheme called *shopt. *shopt not only replaces our reward point system, but also offers broader business support, such as news on offers, new products and advice on ranging, to help you build your business. We know you’re likely to have some questions about this, so please see below, or speak to your rep:

When is this change happening?

The Counts For More website will close on : 31st July 2020

Why are we closing Counts For More?

Having spoken to our customers, we know we can provide customers with a more responsive, informative platform that not only rewards them, but also helps build their business. We’re transitioning away from the Counts For More website platform to a mobile-friendly app called *shopt. *shopt is a free mobile app, available on the most popular platforms. It will enable us to keep you in the loop on offers, new products and provide advice on ranging. The rewards system is simpler than Counts For More too, there will be no more vouchers – it will pay cash rewards straight into your bank account when you redeem

When is the last date you will earn points?

You will receive Counts For More points as usual up to and including the 30th June 2020. On July 1st 2020, you will also receive your July points (based on the audit data from your last rep visit in January or February) and your Counts For More points balance will be rounded UP to the nearest 100 points. So, for example, 250 points will be rounded up to 300 points and 1250 points to 1300 points. We have also created a £1 voucher to make redemption easier for those customers who it is applicable too.

What happens to the points you’ve not yet redeemed?

You need to redeem all your points on the Counts For More website – in the usual way – by the 31st July 2020. After this time, all Counts For More points will be lost.

If you think your points balance is wrong?

Please email your query to our Consumer Relations along with your email address, name and phone number and a member of the Counts For More team will contact you

How long do I have to use my final vouchers?

You’ll need to use your final vouchers by 31st January 2021 – this is six months from the date Counts For More website closes.

I still haven’t received final my vouchers?

As we hope you can appreciate, we are currently sending a significant volume of vouchers nationwide, this can take a bit longer than usual, so please allow up to 14 days for delivery. If your vouchers do not arrive, please contact Consumer Services (see above for details).

What happens to my personal information associated with the Counts For More Programme?

We will continue to hold your data until 31 January 2021 and then we will destroy it – in accordance with our Privacy Policy. You may request that we delete your data before this time. We will only use your data for the purposes of Counts For More and auditing, should we receive any queries after the scheme before the 31st January 2021.

What is *shopt?

In short, “It’s a digital rep in your pocket”, it’s not just a replacement reward points scheme, it aims to help you build your business, stay informed and put cash in your pocket. “More than 23,000 retailers nationwide have signed up to *shopt” *shopt is cross-category – supporting numerous big-name brands.

How it works: once you have submitted a photo of your action via the app, cash rewards are placed into your *shopt account. Validation usually takes 48 hours. Once you have accumulated a minimum of £30 in your *shopt account, you can then transfer it to your bank account. *shopt also informs the retailer of any news, offers, new products, category insight and ranging advice. Please note, *shopt is not a direct replacement for the Counts for More Programme – rewards, offers and incentives will differ.

Will I get transferred to *shopt automatically?

No, but it’s very simple to use and free to download, just go to the Apple Store or Google Play store and search for ‘*shopt’ and download to your smartphone or tablet. It only takes a few minutes to sign-up and start seeing the benefits.

Will I be incentivised for stocking Walkers products via the *shopt app?

Yes, we want to make this process easier and simpler. There will be no more waiting for vouchers in the post – this new platform puts cash in your bank account. If you stock Walkers, you can be rewarded!

What products are in the range?

The products will vary from month to month, you will be notified via *shopt when a new offer and/or range is live.

How often do you get rewarded?

You should see an offer or reward every month, but frequency may vary.

How long does it take to receive rewards?

From the moment you make a claim it takes 48 hours to be validated.

You can find out more here:

For Van Sales Customers only

You’ll be able to earn simple rewards that you can use to redeem against your van delivery in the coming months. We will keep you informed of timings and how it will work as soon as possible.

If you have any further questions, please email Consumer Relations along with your email address, name and phone number and a member of the Counts For More team will contact you.


01/07/20 – Comms will be cascaded (Counts For More Closure and details on final points/claims procedure), final points awarded
31/07/20 – Counts For More Closure, Vouchers cannot be claimed after this date
July 2020 – Walkers live on *shopt
31/01/21 – Final date to use vouchers

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