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Congratulations to Jason on Spar’s 22% sales growth.

We're working hard to support our retailers grow their crisps and snacks sales by stocking the right range, right displays and within the right locations in store. You know your business and customers better than anyone, so add that to our category and shopper insight and you can build the perfect growth plan for your store.

Here, we interview your peer, Jason Sichel from Spar, Holmer Green, to understand how this initiative has helped increase his sales.

How did you manage your crisps and snacks transformation with your rep?.

My rep has spent months building a relationship with me and allowing us to work collaboratively on my crisps and snack category. He didn't demand that I stock specific products but actually said lets look at your sales data to see what is and isn't working in store and discuss how we can use Walkers insight to make it even better. My sales were already doing well so I could have stayed as I was, however trusted that taking a chance could provide even more positive results. So I had the confidence to pair my own expertise with my reps knowledge and build an even stronger plan - which included a refined range, new fixture layout and more POS.

What benefits have you experienced since your store transformation?

The changes to my fixtures and range has meant that my crisps orders have increased, however so have my sales. As a result, I have found that I am replenishing more frequently and the stock is being used regularly. This means that we're able to keep on top of all of the products more easily - making sure the fixtures are neat and fully stocked for our customers. I can imagine with the momentum of the current rotation, my issue of out of date stock will also improve.

What has been the effect on your sales by stocking fewer, better selling products in your range?

They have gone up! I have reviewed year on year data from June 2018 and have seen sales grow 22.4% by the third week. Bearing in mind, we're comparing the poor weather of this year against a really hot period last year, so I feel confident that we are likely to continue to see growth.

Have you noticed a change in customer behaviour since you made these improvements?

I can see that changing the fixture layout and refining the range has meant that our customers are scanning the whole category and taking in all of the flavours that we now have to offer. In addition, I can see that flavours I hadn't stocked previously are selling well for me, where I had thought previously they wouldn't. For example, I had one customer always ask me to stock Roast Chicken which I thought wasn't the right product, however since stocking it I have consistently sold this flavour. It's proof that having a mix up to my range has done the world of good. And, it's not just customers appreciating the change - my staff liked it immediately, saying that they're finding it easier to replenish stock as it's more frequent and how the fixture looks much better!

Based on your store results - what advice would you have for your retailer peers?

You can keep control and lead this change by using your data and knowledge to make informed plans. And if you have one, trust and work with your rep as they also have added experience and insight that could support a positive change. Remember, if it isn't working that you can always go back or adjust again and if it is growing your sales, keep doing it and enjoy the results.

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