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Follow these simple best practices for sales growth

The purpose of these merchandising principles is to simplify the crisps and snacks fixture to make it easier for customers to shop, for you to replenish and to manage stock in the store room.

By following these simple steps, you will create a mutually beneficial experience for both you and your shoppers – giving them an improved buying experience and in turn growing your sales.
See the key principles below.

After, you can read about how one of your peers used some of these practices to grow his category sales, here.


Reduce range to include better selling flavours

Place best sellers in prime location on fixture

Upweight space of sharing

Focus on products from the Hero range

Group crisps and snacks separately

Premium & Better for You ranges at top of fixtures

Aim for Tortilla and Tubes to be next to each other

Place value snacks on base shelves

How many bays do you have availible ?

1 Bay


As well as merchandising your fixtures in the best way, it’s important to ensure you’re stocking the right range for your customers.

We have discovered the top flavours for different snacking occasions – you can discover this here.

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