Walkers Adds Popular Bugles Brand To Price-Marked Pack Line-Up

by Walkers | Nov 28, 2017

Bugles News

We are proud to announce that we have extended our £1 RRP price-marked-pack range to include customer favourite, Bugles BBQ. With BBQ being the best-selling flavour in the range with 56% of sales value[1] it is an ideal addition to the PMP line-up. The new Bugles PMP is available from now.

 Price-marked packs are the key driver of Sharing growth in the Impulse channel, having contributed 70% of the sharing growth over the last year[3]. PepsiCo £1 RRP price-marked-packs[1] currently make up over 50% of the PMP sharing segment in Independents and are in double digit growth[2], so extending the Walkers PMP range offers retailers a real opportunity to benefit from this and drive footfall into store. With growth of sharing bags at +6.5% value within Impulse[3], the addition of the Bugles PMP exclusively available to the channel, demonstrates support for independent retailers to help drive further growth.

 Hüseyin Tulpar, UK Vice President for Impulse Sales at PepsiCo, comments: “With Bugles being the second biggest sharing innovation in 2016[4], we are delighted to be adding it to our price-marked pack line-up. We also know from our research that Bugles BBQ is a customer favourite and we are confident that the £1 RRP PMP variant will be very popular and perform well for retailers.”

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