by Walkers | Mar 15, 2018

win_walkers_newsHeaderBelieve it or not, it was seven decades ago that Leicester butcher Henry Walker introduced some new potato snacks – Walkers Crisps. Henry recognised the simple way to success was to take inspiration from the unique tastes and passions of the British people. While a lot has changed over the last 70 years, one thing has stayed the same and we’re still creating flavours based on the nation’s favourite tastes.

So how are we celebrating our 70th birthday? March sees the launch of six tasty limited edition variants, with two separate TV ads rolling out in April as part of an exciting campaign. We want to thank the Great British Public for their continued support and our latest flavours are inspired by the nation’s favourite dishes over the decades: Coronation Chicken (1950s), Roast Lamb & Mint (1960s), Cheese Fondue (1970s), Chicken Tikka Masala (1980s), BBQ Rib (1990s) and Sweet Chili (2000s).

In addition to this, we have now launched an exclusive competition for our retailers, so that you can join in with the celebrations. To enter, simply log in to Counts for More, go to our new competition area, upload an image of your Walkers 70th birthday displays in-store and one lucky retailer stands the chance of winning a store make-over and party. The competition ends on 27th April, 2018 so make sure you stock up on the new flavours and speak to your Walkers rep for the latest PoS solutions. Don’t miss out and enter here now.

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